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Essential Workers is a cooperative game about a community working together to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Players must balance their personal safety against the necessity of keeping society running. If anyone loses, everyone loses.

Please go to the following URL to play Essential Workers:

1. Click on the link above to start. 
2. To start the game, click on "Full Game" and select the number of human players you want to play with (the rest will be AI controlled). If you are playing for the first time, you might want to play the Tutorial first.
3.  Enter your name and hit "Create New Room." 
4. In the following screens, the host player will see a Room Code at the top that they can share with other players. Other players will also be able to see the room codes when the click on "Full Game."
5. The other players must select the same Room Code, add their names, and then click on "Join Game"
6. Rent costs 30 Money at the end of each week!
7. Enjoy the game!

Design and Development Team: 
Aditya Anupam, Jordan Graves,  Kevin Tang, Colin Stricklin, Michael Vogel, Marian Dominguez-Mirazo, Joey Biship, DJ Baker

Principal Investigators:
Janet Murray

As part of Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center at Georgia Tech (https://dilac.iac.gatech.edu/)

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